Corporate Responsibility


As a responsible and professional business, B & M Europe classifies corporate responsibility into three areas:

  • Social Responsibility which includes issues of citizenship, community and ethics
  • Environmental Responsibility which includes issues of health and safety and sustainability
  • Economic Responsibility which includes relationships with our customers and suppliers

B & M has strong positive values and these are communicated to all staff.

Staff are encouraged to show initiative and present their ideas for improvement in all of these areas.

B & M has a responsibility to ensure compliance with its policies and to monitor this.

Social Responsibility

First and foremost B & M staff are committed to maintain a high standard of ethical behaviour and integrity both in the working environment and in the wider community.

Each person seeks to make a difference on social issues where they have a physical presence. This translates in to good citizenship which is concerned with the well being of others. Staff are encouraged to contribute to their community.

At work, B & M encourages a culture of responsibility and commitment towards others – both within and outside of the company. B & M is a centre for personal development and wellbeing.

B & M provides charitable support to local organisations.

B & M is committed to the continued development a robust corporate responsibility performance management system through its Best Practices.

Environmental Responsibility

B & M provides a safe working environment for its staff and maintains systems that are safe and without risk to health.

We are committed to minimising the environmental impact of our business operations and this is reinforced by our Sustainability Policy.

Futhermore, we are committed to looking after the environment and this is reinforced by our Environmental Policy.

B & M provides appropriate information, instruction, training and supervision to reinforce these policies.

Economic Responsibility

B & M recognises that it must be proactive in acknowledging the sustainable development challenges facing its customers and B & M must ensure it has the appropriate resources and solutions to help them respond.

We recognise that it is important to incorporate not only economic but also social and environmental considerations into purchasing decisions.

B & M contributes to the public agenda in areas of business where we have relevant expertise.

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